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About Me

Hello there - I am Becca Thorne, a self-taught artist based in rural Ireland. My subjects are varied, but predominantly inspired by nature and the environment: the shapes, textures and colours of the landscape, from mountains to oceans. As a life-long sufferer of c-PTSD, some of my abstract works also explore the expression of emotions through art and I have recently begun collaborating with doctor and poet Ailsa Snaith, pairing my images with her poems. We hope to publish a collection at some point.


My ink drawing, Forest Bathing, has been selected for publication in the Shallot Journal of Mental Health and three of my paintings were selected for the Dartmoor Collective's annual Zine, including the front cover piece:

In addition to this, I have an article about my work on their website:  and I was involved in the 2022 publication of something I enjoyed immensely. I'm also lucky enough to be included on along with many fantastic Ireland-based artists. 


All pictures are originals and I'm very happy to consider commissions. All of my packaging is recyclable and I ship world-wide. To contact me for more information, or to place an order, just go to the contact section on the home page. I take payment via PayPal or bank transfer and I'm more than happy to discuss the option of instalments. Please don't hesitate to ask. 


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