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I began doodling in the Spring of 2022, following a diagnosis of post-viral fatigue, simply as a way to take a breather each day, but now, my paintings sell world-wide. I have been involved in online collaborations such as and The Dartmoor Collective, I am privileged to be included on the New Irish Art website and I’m involved with brilliant project Creative Places Edenderry, facilitating workshops and holding my first solo exhibition in the Library this year. In May, one of my paintings was selected for the TALP Open online exhibition, winning a Highly Commended from the judges; I had 3 paintings selected for the Dartmoor Collective Summer Exhibition, at Poltimore House in Devon; and in February, my painting of The Sphinx Snow Patch was included in the 143rd Open Annual Exhibition of The Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour, at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh.


Wild places are my inspiration and whilst some of my work is detailed and representational, more often it is semi-abstract. Rather than paint environments as they appear at face-value, I try to evoke the sense of being there, or the emotions I am feeling when I paint them. And I rarely begin with a plan, preferring to begin making marks and see what emerges and evolves, sometimes building many layers of paint, scraping back and completely reinventing, several times over, until it feels right. Other times, I prefer the simplicity and versatility of charcoal. Always learning: Art has changed my life.

Having spent my childhood in Devon, I completed an undergraduate degree in English & American Literature at Warwick, then a postgraduate Diploma in Law at Exeter. For 16 years now, I have had the privilege of being a full-time parent to our two wonderful autistic boys. We live in Co Offaly, on the beautiful Island of Ireland.


I have written a blog article about my painting journey, which you can find here:

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any enquiries about paintings for sale, or possible commissions. There is a contact form on the home page and you can also find me on Twitter:


TALP Open online, 2023 (awarded a Highly Commended by the judges);

The Dartmoor Collective Summer Exhibition 2023, Poltimore House, Devon.

Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour 143rd Annual Exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy, 2024

February & March 2024: Solo exhibition in Edenderry Library, Co Offaly, thanks to Creative Places Edenderry and The Arts Council of Ireland.

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