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I have said this before, but for me, the most meaningful and life-changing part of learning to paint over the past year has been the friendships that have evolved from it: It has opened up so many new worlds. One of those has been with the brilliant and ridiculously multitalented Dr Ailsa Snaith, who began pairing her poems with my paintings. Collaboration is such a wonderful and empowering thing. Our hope is to one day have the time to put together a book, but for now, here are just a few of them:


Staring at the held clock of time

Her index finger jammed to the long hand

The mechanism whirred, straining

She stared intently at me

And whispered

"You have time.....I am creating it for you"

Clouds hung in the sky

The sun remained in the east

Birdsong quietened

I witnessed time standing still

A moment of hesitation

Over hours and days I raced

To where I knew they all were

Briefly I held each and all of their hands

Silently saying goodbye and wishing them luck

The world as we knew it was about to change


Steeped in words - deliverables

Black coffee

Swirls ominously

To still

Ignoring the exhibit



I swim in the blue oceans of life

Collecting thoughts with each wave

After a while I realise

With each new wave and thought I have swallowed water

I struggle to breathe

I hear the voice

That tells me to lie on my back

Still Arms and legs outstretched

To watch the clouds part and pass

Breathing becomes easier

It was the Universe

She spoke to me


If mystery could be measured

What might it say of the standing stones

Ritual tools and upright thrones

If abstracts were all answers

What might they say of a cyan splash

Laser lines, a dot, a dash

If climate was not treasured

What might it say of our silent voice

Desert minds, diminished choice

Images: Becca Thorne

Words: Ailsa Snaith

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